Zoologist Bat Reviews Roundup

February 15, 2016

Zoologist Bat Reviews Roundup


Winner of Art and Olfactive 2016 Independent Category

Perfume of the Year 2016

Notable Reviews

Luca Turin
**** 4 stars
, "…a strikingly original combination of an elegant, masculine, green-woody-floral"

“This is everything that I ask for a fragrance as work of art”, “Bat is so interesting, since it captures different aspects of the animal, but it's not a realistic depiction of the animal… It can be the best fruity fragrance I have smelled until now. And I absolutely love it.”

Now Smell This Magazine
“Favorite Niche / Indie Perfume 2015”

Dirge Magazine
“Designed by award-winning perfumer Dr. Ellen Covey, Bat is undeniably, the strangest, most wonderfully unique perfume you will ever smell. Opening with a nearly overwhelming note of damp, primordial earth both vegetal and mineral in execution, this immediately conjures inky caverns and pitch-black, damp limestone caves. The scent then morphs into something I can only describe as “night air and velvet darkness”; I cannot say how she has done this, I only know that it is the very essence of the vast, temperate midnight sky, the glowing moon high overhead. At this point it becomes something quite different, and quite possibly even more beautiful.”

The Blog Really Stinks Magazine
“There's dense vegetal earth and rich plant life, and that sweet smell of fruit. A mineral tang from home – a cluster of rocks or a cave – cling to the air…This scent is not dark, rather it is dusk toned. As the moon sets and the bats return to roost, we're left with a faint but beautiful sandalwood and tonka sunrise. I’ve never quite experienced a nuanced, two-step beauty of a base quite like this one!”

Azar, Australian Perfume Junkies
“There is something about this combination of fruit, dirt, wet stone and vetiver that evokes not only the damp darkness of a cave but the magical lore surrounding the creature itself.”

Scent and Chemistry
“Bat is pretty unprecedented, very novel... the earthiness of Bat is unbeaten, and likely unbeatable!” – 

Indie Perfumes
“There is a night-ly quality here, one with the excitement and energy of a night out, as the opposite of sleepiness; fueled by the clean mineral and nectar notes. The woods are subtle and the perfume grows dimensionally as it dries down, getting softer all the way there.” –

Youtube Reviews

FragBoy Stewie
Youtube First Impression of Bat

FragBoy Stewie
Youtube Review of Bat ("9/10")

Youtube First Impression of Bat

Youtube Review of Bat ("9/10")

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Brooklyn Fragrance Lover
Youtube Review of Bat

Fragrance Reviews by Ouch110
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Fragrancy Blog
Youtube Impression Review of Bat & Hummingbird

Fragrance Blog Reviews

Now Smell This
Zoologist's Bat Fragrance Review, 2016/7/20. "Bat is very wearable, if unconventional, and it lasts all day."

When Victor Met Ellen- How Zoologist Bat Took Flight, 2016/2/11. "a look behind the curtain at the work it took to create Zoologist Perfumes Bat."

New Perfume Review Zoologist Perfumes Bat – Cave of Creativity, 2016/2/15. "Definitely one of the standout new fragrances of 2016."

Dirge Magazine
Zoologist: Perfumes for Sexy Beasts

Cafleurbon (Review #1) 
 "The drydown is wonderfully done here – the swing from damp, damp, wriggly earth to dry belt leather is disarming and fun."

Cafleurbon (Review #2)
Zoologist Bat Perfume Review + He Said, She Said Draw, 2016/1/22.  "I stood in awe and took in the moment, I was in no rush- I was fully awakened."

Pierre de Nishapur
Dark fruity, cute animalistic: Bay by Zoologist, 2016/2/19. "The fragrance initiates with an uncertain romanticist pleasure."

The Silver Fox
Glimmerfur: Pungency & Shimmer – ‘Bat’ & ‘Hummingbird’ by Zoologist Perfumes, 2016/4/2. "This perfume is an ode to dense atmospheric road trips and locations, temperatures, weather, fauna, flora, habitat and odiferous experience. It is the most divine expression of sensual scientific endeavour."

Bat, Fruity and Elegant and Original, 2016/4/11. "There is nothing ‘weird’ about the way Bat smells. It’s natural yet refined and is stunning on the skin and a pleasure to wear."

The Fragrant Journey
Zoologist Bat is certainly representative of that realm of creativity but it is also a very wearable scent. The initial opening may surprise you for a moment but it is not unpleasant, merely unexpected. Picture yourself standing at the mouth of a cavern, hesitating for a moment before you push onward to explore the mystery inside. What will you find? Once you submit  you find there is nothing to fear, just a different world than you are accustomed to and beautiful in its own unique way.

A Bottled Rose
"The damp earth accord coupled with the tropical fruit is completely unique. Consider me hooked."

Sophisticated Obsession
The amount of images that are instantly conjured up when going through this very unique scent is incredible. From stepping into a damp and dingy cave right over to flying through the night sky on a forage for food. This is a fragrance Count Dracula can truly rely on.

Wonderzine (Russian)
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