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Print Press: Elle Croatia 2016, December

December 02, 2016

Print Press: Elle Croatia 2016, December

Zoologist's Beaver is mentioned in the 2016 December issue of Elle Croatia!

"Ljepotica i zvijer" (Beauty and the Beast), written by Ivo Parać.

"Zoologist Beaver - Samo ako ste ‘hrabar kao dabar’, odvažit ćete se i probati ovaj parfem inspiriran mirisom te životinje. Kod jednih izaziva užas, kod drugih smijeh. Iz mog iskustva izaziva samo komplimente."

(Translation: Zoologist Beaver, only if you are brave like the Beaver, dare yourself to try this perfume which is inspired by the smell of animals. Some find it horrendous, others funny, from my experience its only been compliments.)

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