Print Press: New York Times, 18/6/2019 – "I Never Promised You an Herb Garden: 6 Green Scents for Summer"

June 19, 2019

Print Press: New York Times, 18/6/2019 –

By Rachel Syme
June 18, 2019

Zoologist Dodo

The plant that animates this fragrance, which is inspired by the extinct birds of Mauritius Island, is the fiddlehead fern. “Dodo embodies the green and herbaceous elements of a traditional fougère, but mixed with something strange and unexpected,” said the Zoologist founder Victor Wong.

The scent also has a fatty underbelly of synthetic ambergris (an unctuous mineral material derived, glamorously, from whale vomit), which gives it something of an ancient, wet cement feel. This is a green that is sprouting up from the pavement.