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Print Press: The Toronto Star Newspaper, The Kit

October 06, 2016

Print Press: The Toronto Star Newspaper, The Kit

Toronto Star The Kit 2016 10 Lone Rangers Perfumes

Lone Rangers

Victor Wong of Toronto-based Zoologist Perfumes is so inspired by the animal kingdom that his entire perfume collection celebrates it. In 2013, Wong was just a lover of scent with a day job. He took to the internet to seek out a perfumer who could help him actualize his dream to start his own fragrance brand. He found two via a fragrance forum and started out on his journey. Each Zoologist scent is named for an animal, its formulation designed to conjure the essence and idiosyncrasies of each species. For fall, the natural choice is Bat, an earthy, mineral fragrance layered with dark plum, leather and musk.

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