Zoologist Camel Reviews Roundup

December 15, 2017

Zoologist Camel Reviews Roundup


Calfeurebon's Best of Scent 2017
A dried-fruit laden spiced wonder with a soft furry purr, Camel is a contemporary homage to classics like Arpege and My Sin and you will wonder how you lived without it, it’s just that good.

Notable Reviews

A truly beautiful extrait-strength parfum that merges vintage and contemporary aesthetics and the result is an Arabian-inspired dream scent that is approachable, eminently wearable, and ultimately one of my favorite fragrances of the year to date.

Taking One Thing Off
Despite the orientalism of its composition and ad copy, Camel avoids every cliché inherent to the genre, particularly the cheap rosy feel of most modern oriental releases. Its soapy (but dirty) jasmine, musk, and civet combo imbues what might otherwise have been a heavy “souk” amber with weightlessness, as well as a certain French je ne sais quoi.

This really is the smell of a caravan traveling through the Arab desert as I imagine it where the smell of the pack animals and the smell of the marketplace, where exotic treasure of all kinds have been bought, sold and traded, are now being moved across the desert, all mingle together in the desert air.

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Fragrance Blog Reviews

Now Smell This
"I associate Zoologist Camel with Morocco. Its complex mix of notes reminds me of early-stage Serge Lutens perfumes, but Camel is sheerer."

Jaroslav Blog (Polish)

Australian Perfume Junkies
"I have sampled a few Zoologist offerings, and they’ve been fun and unique, but this is the first one that has me breathing deeply with ecstasy!"

"Camel seems familiar (woodsy amber oriental) but it’s unlike anything else that I’ve worn from this genre. It manages to be dense but airy. It’s sweet but sour. It’s fresh but dirty. I guess, Camel never bores me, so I love wearing it."

"Camel brightens with cinnamon, becomes drier thanks to the perfect dose of vetiver, and even has delicate traces of orange blossom and jasmine. It exudes a fur-like dry warmth on the skin and is a truly refined fragrance. Camel is, in a word, perfection."