Zoologist Chameleon Reviews Roundup

May 21, 2019

Zoologist Chameleon Reviews Roundup

Notable Reviews

Touches of violet and pepper bridge wonderfully into the base of Chameleon but a subtle use of saffron adds a spiciness to this tropical-esque scent. The development of the fragrance sees the perfect combination of vetiver and patchouli washed over by a smooth sandalwood, although the support from the musk cannot be overlooked.

Ylang-ylang gives this perfume its heady floral scent, that is beautifully complemented by the note of mango, which make the opening of Chameleon a little bit sweet and so delightful.

"Chameleon opens with a bouquet of fruity notes representing a tropical style. Threads of aquatic breezes blow through. The ylang-ylang rises to meet the fruits. In the first moments it smells like many ylang-ylang centric fruity florals. Rather quickly it drops into a lower harmonic as that quality I enjoy in ylang-ylang begins to be noticeable. I have enjoyed this because it was the basis of so many vintage perfumes where it would be paired with animalic ingredients for an incredible sensuality."

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Other Reviews

"Brilliant citrus, juicy mango and tart starfruit coalesce into this bright, fruity accord balanced with the sparkle of pink peppercorns. Lush violet leaves weave a backdrop of jungle foliage thick and verdant. Warm frangipani rises to join buttery ylang-ylang as they are woven together deftly with threads of saffron and vines of young creamy jasmine by perfumer Dan Pescio into what wafts like a true island lei."