Zoologist Civet Reviews Roundup

January 08, 2017

Zoologist Civet Reviews Roundup

Notable Reviews

EauMG.net – "Best Indie/Niche Scent 2016"
"…this is a perfect fragrance. Yeah, I said it…PERFECT. It’s a vintage, French-feeling oriental with indolic florals, dark woods and this absolutely genius coffee accord. If I were to choose a perfume of the woman I wish to become, it’d be Civet."

"Civet is an enigmatic perfume possessing all the stature of a fine chypre minus any fussiness/fustiness which some have come to associate with them. It triumphantly bridges classic and contemporary – with aplomb, finesse, and a full measure of fascination."

CaFleureBon.com – "Best of 2016"
"What we are left with is an absolute stunner of a fragrance. Without a doubt there is a vintage air to the composition, but done so with a keen eye on doing something contemporary and somewhat different than the traditional civet scents of the past. Marrying the different historical uses of the animal into one makes for a very interesting take and shows huge respect to the wonderful animal that begat it all."

Musings of a Muse
"If I close my eyes I can easily imagine Lord Alfred Douglas misting this on before a meeting with Oscar Wilde. It’s very much a fragrance that’s elegant, vintage, and truly glamorous."; "For me it smells like an old worldly perfume. It’s a vintage scent that’s wrapped in a flare of notes that will bring you back to centuries past but with an edge that can only be described as modern sexy."

Youtube Reviews

U Smells Good
Zoologist Civet First Impressions

First Impressions Civet by Zoologist Perfumes

Civet by Zoologist Review

Fragrance Blog Reviews

Australian Perfume Junkies
"Floral, feral and in-your-face gorgeous, this is the scent that will end up perfuming crumpled sheets in a bedroom, and staying on the skin of a lover who will spend the day drinking endless demitasse of espresso trying to erase the mental fog of the night before, hoping for a future assignation."

Scent Bound
"Civet is a very well composed floral-oriental fragrance that is interesting and very wearable. If you are looking for a dirty, animalic rendition of civet, this is not the one. If you love gourmand, coffee-infused florals, however, you'll be very pleased with Victor Wong and Shelley Waddington's creation.​"

Scented Hound
"Perfumer Shelley Waddington has created a complex beauty that blends seamlessly to reveal many nuances throughout the wear.  With the name Civet, I was worried that this would be a perfume would be rather funky.  Instead, she added just the right amount of civet to enhance the subdued florals.  Civet is a really lovely perfume."

"I imagine the effort Ms. Waddington and Mr. Wong put in to get this just right was prodigious. It shows in the final product. Civet is the best perfume of both of their careers to date."

Perfume Posse
"It’s beautifully done and paced, it doesn’t get muddied like I was afraid it would, and the civet underlies and deepens and adds interest to gorgeous leathery incensed florals.  This never becomes publicly awkward to wear."

Perfume Niche
"The civet here isn’t skanky or stinky - this is no wild cat. Leather, resins and woods make it sultry and sophisticated, and like its name sake animal, lithe and nocturnal. The surprise is a note of coffee weaves through the base."

Fragrance Daily
For me it simply means “Civet” is a beautiful perfume in its own right. Lovers of rich white florals with fruity modulations and a chypre allure should definitely try “Civet“. And for those afraid of overtly animalic connotations, no need to worry, the effect here is more of a golden, hazy warmth rather then direct bodily references. Highly recommended!

A Bottled Rose
Shelley Waddington was aiming for the effect of a fur coat over naked skin and that’s exactly what she’s achieved.

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