Zoologist Dodo Reviews Roundup

May 21, 2019

Zoologist Dodo Reviews Roundup

Notable Reviews

"An amazingly well-balanced heart opens with dry spicy geraniums side-by-side with plush roses, both misted in a sour, salty ambergris spray from the coast that blends so perfectly with the rich balsamic tones of fir wafting from the mountain forest high above."

Dodo opens in a tropical jungle redolent of green foliage and exotic fruits of lychee, lime, and raspberry. …transitions into a floral heart accord of rose over ambergris and fir. The fir deepens the foliage effect from the top accord into something more pine-like. This is where Dodo becomes most like an attar. Rose is a classic attar ingredient and the one used here has all the rich quality of an attar rose."

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