Zoologist Dragonfly Reviews Roundup

July 28, 2017

Zoologist Dragonfly Reviews Roundup

Notable Reviews

The exquisite insect and this evocative fragrance call to mind transience and transformation, a luminous brilliance and a throbbing love of love itself; evanescent life and fleeting passion shimmering in the sun.

This is a very intellectual creation - a cerebral one, I would say – that is surprisingly easy to wear and versatile. Even though it seems a bit aloof and startling, Dragonfly is gentle and magical.

Fragrantica Reader Review (Tiwalil)
…the scent doesn't smell photorealistically like dewy grass, woods and actual water. It smells more like a time of day (morning), a light phenomenon (twilight), a colour (cool lavender) and a weather phenomenon (mist) - and all these things together makes the mind create a picture of a landscape that matches the place dragonflies hatch and live. It's genius and a real work of art.

Easy to wear, it's a soothing release into air and water. Takes off on the lift of subtle iridescent facets, and flies on an air current created by the forces of warm and cool.

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Fragrance Blog Reviews

The Sniff
We felt that this scent would wear best during the day, and it didn’t particularly seem to lend itself to any one particular season. In a lot of ways that’s a plus point though, because year-round wear is always a desirable characteristic for a scent.

The Fragrant Journey
…the perfume is meant to illustrate the dragonfly's day: first light, mid day heat, and evening fade out. I think Mr. Perez achieved this with the perfumes bright awakening, the lazy, hazy middle, then a soft fade out with nightfall.

In a way it reminds me of one of those rosy-cheeked Mucha‘s Art Nouveau beauties. It’s like the beautiful woman’s vanity with face powder and perfumes stored in intricately designed Bohemian glass.

Perfume Do Dia
Dragonfly is somewhat challenging and intriguing, a scent that has required me some uses in order to properly understand its nature. …it is a perfume that exemplifies well the metamorphosis involved in the animal portrayed.