Zoologist Koala Reviews Roundup

June 23, 2020

Zoologist Koala Reviews Roundup

Notable Reviews

Dr. Drosopoulos opens with that expected ingredient by placing it inside a sticky honey matrix. You might look at that and think of a home remedy for the sniffles of honeyed tea and Vicks Vap-o-Rub. This is not as simple as that. The eucalyptus has a more vegetal presence the honey captures in that slightly animalic embrace which is sweetened through the addition of mimosa. This is a soft soothing top accord. Over the heart a set of spices insert themselves into that. I was expecting them to add more zing, but they add even more softness. It is a remarkably snuggly perfume for much of the early development. It switches into the base as vetiver, oakmoss, and sandalwood evoke the wood and leaves of the tree our fuzzy narrator is perched in.

The central core still contains an echo of eucalyptus throughout, though, which is really pleasing… I worried that it might get lost as it tends to be a short lived note in perfumery. Drosopoulos worked some interesting secondary notes to help move this along through the different phases so that it carries the smell over a few hours. What also “works” well is that eucalyptus still translates as a cleansing smell, something conjuring up curative waters, healing balms. It feels restorative, centering.

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