Zoologist Macaque Reviews Roundup

December 04, 2016

Zoologist Macaque Reviews Roundup

Notable Reviews

"I find this new fragrance to be cool, fruity and resinous suggesting high altitude forests, swirling cold fog and the Japanese macaques known as Snow Monkeys.", "The cedar trees, like the macaques themselves, are dusted with crystals of ice."

"Inhale deeply, and you are rewarded on multiple levels as your journey through the landscape which Ms. McCartney has lain before you unfolds..."

The green of the jungle is set up by galbanum while frankincense matched with jasmine tea forms the basis for the ceremonial. The tea note turns towards a more acerbic green tea while the cedar-like white oud recapitulates the cedar from earlier. It finishes with a furry musk as our monkeys move along to a different part of the temple.

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Scent Hurdle
Cedar and frankincense reinforce galbanum’s balsamic olfactory profile and give Macaque backbone. The core of the perfume holds a coherent shape from start to finish, giving the more volatile aromas a chance to run their course at their own pace.

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