Zoologist Musk Deer Reviews Roundup

December 01, 2020

Zoologist Musk Deer Reviews Roundup

Notable Reviews

This is gorgeously well-mannered. It is a musk to wear when you don’t want to provoke. It ends on a woody base of sandalwood and cedar framing the musk accord.

Musk Deer Zoologist is a spicy, powdery, animalic fragrance of very friendly character yet has unexpected turns and facets, powered by instincts rather than human logic. It is a very unusual and fun interpretation of musk.

NEZ Magazine, Issue 11
Musk Deer rekindles the extraordinary attraction humankind feels to the peculiar perfume secreted by the male musk deer. Thankfully for the small animal from the south of Siberia, Pascal Gaurin's fragrance is just an interpretation of the ingredient. In the opening, fresh, spicy cardamom contrasts with the warmth of calamus, whose wooden scent is close to cinnamon's, recalling the cool-hot effect of red Tiger Balm. But the initial accords quickly yield to synthetic musks, fleshed out with oud and ambrette, with its subtly plummy facet, to reproduce the animalic, dirty, slightly peppery, soft scent of natural musk. If the flowers in the description are barely detectable, the cedar and earthy patchouli accord does evoke the taiga as a backdrop. Well-executed, the fragrance remains surprisingly discreet and close to the skin.

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