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Zoologist Nightingale Reviews Roundup

December 04, 2016

Zoologist Nightingale Reviews Roundup

Notable Reviews

Perfumes The Guide 2018
"★★★★ …Tomoo Inaba is clearly a natural talent. For once the inspiration inspiration comes through clear as a bell and undiminished in the fragrance, as opposed to being some sort of PR guff unconnected with the juice. Nightingale belongs to that small band of perfumes that do something so interesting that you feel the need to rewind the video several times to understand what is going on. I ended up with six smelling strips in front of me." - Luca Turin

Fragrantica.com's Best Perfumes of 2016, Editors' Choice "Can't get enough of this wonderful old-school chypre style perfume. It's my favorite from Zoologist so far—no easy feat considering how many wonderful scents there are in the Zoologist collection already!"

"I find myself addicted to this new fragrance", "Nightingale opens with the sweet, fresh and light fragrance of plum blossoms, a breath of spring cut with tart lemon, powdered with violet and spiced with the slightly bitter, dustiness of saffron. On my skin the initial notes dry very quickly, leaving the spring flowers behind and replacing them with an almost Middle Eastern style mukhallat of rose, ambergris, oud, saffron and a touch of smoke", "…definitely a unisex, complex and thought provoking fragrance."

Perfume Do Dia
"…this is a special and poetic perfume. A complex and remarkable composition, where its history is not just a mere excuse to fill a bottle with an empty aroma", "the elegance and contrast of a sober and dry chypre base versus the beauty of the rose are revived here in a complex floral context that emulates the saturated air of spring." 

Musings of a Muse
"She’s a complex old Hollywood glamour fragrance that makes you think of bright red lipstick and face powder housed in cut crystal jars. She’s every naughty pin-up girl from Bettie Page to Dita Von Teese and every elegant celebrity from Fay Wray to Greta Garbo. She’d be right at home sitting atop a mirrored vanity tray among vintage gold cased lipsticks and fluffy powder puffs."

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Fragrantica (Review 1, by Ida Meister)
Nightingale has several faces: sometimes I feel her as scintillatingly floral, bright, brash, even. Other moments, she is a cloud of face powder sheathed in a dusky base, mysterious and haunting.

Fragrantica (Review 2, Miguel Matos)
Nightingale is heaven for every vintage chypre lover and for me, it reinforces my conviction that Zoologist is the most obvious proof that the art of perfumery is not dead.

A Bottled Rose
I can imagine it successfully captures the feeling of celebration and optimism that comes with the onset of spring in Japan.

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