Zoologist Snowy Owl Reviews Roundup

February 28, 2021

Zoologist Snowy Owl Reviews Roundup

Notable Reviews

There was a point in every day I was out in the winter woods where the sun informed me it was time to turn for home. Most of the time I did that with the desire for more time to spend outside in the stillness. Now Snowy Owl brings the quiet of snow home to me.

Snowy and floral, earthy and raw, icy and smelling piercingly of flowers; a fragrance that hides the hot and pungent honey of animalic notes deep inside, becomes ever fluffier, ever more beautiful, ever closer to a truly sophisticated perfume as opposed to a mere niche perfumery creation on the theme of snowy owls and their habitat.

The Sniff
The shining moment of this very gender inclusive fragrance is the coldness, which is beautifully done and very transportive. For lovers of cold places, or indeed for those who find themselves in hot places and seek some respite, this may well be enough to seduce them into purchasing.

Now Smell This
Snowy Owl's white-floral notes are delicate and restrained, still surrounded by the "cool" outdoorsy notes, like pre-spring flowers threatened by a late-winter snowstorm.

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