Zoologist Squid Reviews Roundup

October 10, 2019 1 Comment

Zoologist Squid Reviews Roundup

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Squid opens on a top accord of incense and salicylates tuned by baie rose. It reminded me of the scent of the seaweed lines at the edge of the Gulf Stream. It is a green-tinted top accord which leads to that combination of “black ink” and “salty” accords. This is when Squid dives deep beneath the waves. It finds a weight to the typical aquatic style that is compelling. I could drift here for days in a salty pool of ink. Squid moves on with the most classic ocean perfume ingredient there is; ambergris. It provides the more typical style of brininess.

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Glenn Archer
Glenn Archer

February 18, 2020

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for my order of Squid 60 ml. Opening it up was very exciting! The most beautiful presentation of perfume I’ve ever seen. The box can be left open to display the perfume. The bottle and the label are a work of art. This will be my go to fragrance for Spring to early Autumn. I also want to thank you for treating my purchase like it’s a gift. From the way it was gift wrapped to the 3 free samples and your hand written note thanking me for the purchase will make it very memorable!!!! Bravo!!!

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